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Impartial Conflict Resolution

The Concord Foundation’s engagement in impartial conflict resolution — anywhere in the world — focuses on intractable violent political conflict between groups with disturbed historic relationships using the three lenses of Politics, Psychology and Faith.


How A Community Understands And Organises Itself


How People In All Their Complexity Engage With Themselves And Other


How People Understand And Engage With Their Culture And Beliefs

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Jerusalem’s Holy Places

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The horror as predicted is unfolding quickly now. Warnings were given and red lines drawn. Consequences for the perpetrator? None! I am utterly ashamed of my government and appalled at all the rest.

Free Layan Nasir! Please also pray (if you do that) and petition your political representative. Administrative detentions are a gross injustice and are being used as a tool of oppression.

The United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly backed a Palestinian bid to become a full UN member, recommending the UN Security Council ‘reconsider the matter favorably.’ The vote recognizes Palestinians as qualified to join the UN

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