Ilmas Futehally

Ilams Futehally

Ilmas Futehally is Co-founder and Executive Director of the Strategic Foresight Group, since its inception in 2002.

She has been instrumental in launching several initiatives in parallel diplomacy to resolve trans-boundary water conflicts, measure the costs of protracted conflicts and used media from rival countries as catalysts for peace. She is the co-author of Big Questions of Our Time and several other publications.

Before founding the Strategic Foresight Group, Ilmas was Assistant Director of the International Centre for Peace Initiatives (1995-2002), where she was engaged in conflict resolution in South Asia. She has been a non-residential fellow at the Carnegie Council for Ethics and International Affairs New York (2001-2002), and a Visiting Fellow in regional security at the Henry L. Stimson Center in Washington, DC (1998). She obtained her MSc Degree from the University of Bombay.

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